Identify the change of state occurring in each situation



Friends perfume producing an aroma that fills the room: Evaporation

During Evaporation, a liquid changes to vapor or gas. The perfume in the liquid state evaporates, spreading all across the room and fills the room with fragrance. (Liquid to Gas/Vapor)

Making Ice Cream from milk in an Ice cream Maker: Freezing

Milk is churned with sugar, flavoring, etc and then it is frozen to make ice cream. (Liquid to Solid)

Formation of frost on a windshield: Deposition

The water vapor on the windshield turns to frost. (Gas to Solid)

Wax dripping from a Candle: Melting

When the candle wick is lighted, the heat produced causing the wax around it to melt. (Solid to liquid)

Naphthalene solid producing fumes: Sublimation

The transition from solid to fumes is called sublimation. (Solid to Gas)

Breath fogging up on a car windshield: Condensation

Humid air coming out of the mouth turns to tiny droplets on the windshield appearing as fog.

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