Rural Texas and urban Texas.


Describe the difference between rural Texas and urban Texas. Would a visitor be surprised?


Texas consist of both rural and urban areas.The main difference between rural and urban Texas is that rural Texas has low density of population when compared to urban Texas as it is densely populated.Urban Texas has better infrastructural facilities than rural Texas.Infrastructure of rural Texas is yet to be developed.But when compared to urban Texas,more agricultural practises are done in rural Texas and even greeney is high in rural areas.Rural Texas has plenty of minerals,resources,oil and petroleum than urban Texas.Even though both rural and urban areas belong to Texas,but there is huge difference among these regions.Percentage of immigrants who live in urban Texas is high than that of rural Texas.It is easy to get a job and earn income in urban Texas than the rural one.Therefore,these are the differences between rural Texas and urban Texas.

Yes,visitor would be surprised as urban texas and rural texas are different even though these regions belong to the Texas itself.When visitors visit to urban Texas,they’ll find well developed infrastructure.Even rural Texas is developed so that visitors and tourists can visit.People in rural texas maintains tourists spots at a high level and serves best hospitality and visitors will be definitely get surprised after seeking the best services.Hence,visitor will be surpirsed after visiting and travelling rural and urban Texas.

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